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Food incidents are catching the public’s attention and making news headlines more now than ever before. Needless to say, consumers are increasingly concerned about food safety issues.

Have you identified all hidden crisis in your hospitality business and had an all around plan to prevent and manage them? Click here to find out more about hidden crises that hospitality business should be aware of.

Consumers assume products on the shelf and menu are safe for consumption. They rely on you to deliver products that they can trust. With growing demand in food hygiene and safety among the customers, it is time to take your first step in eliminating these risks and hazards. 

How can SGS help?

Hygiene Monitored Approval Scheme

To safeguard the hard-fought reputation of your food business, SGS is here to provide a Hygiene Monitored Approval Scheme suitable for most of the food operations, including hotels, restaurants, prestigious clubhouses, cruise lines and lounges. It covers 4 main aspects in food hygiene and safety: testing, auditing, certification and trainings.

  • Testing
    Food, water and utensil samples in kitchens and dining areas would be collected and tested. Our state-of-art and accredited laboratory would pledge to provide most accurate and reliable results.
  • Auditing
    On-site hygiene audits and testing results would reveal your hidden crisis and alleviate your potential food safety risks. Quantitative result would provide easy benchmark of standards between establishments.
  • Certification
    Certifications would be rewarded to prove your customers your constant effort on food hygiene and safety. Our documentations would prepare your business to attain higher standards like HACCP.
  • Trainings 
    Our food hygiene and safety training minimizes the chances of food contamination or food poisoning, protecting both the public and your reputation. An array of trainings would be available to improve the food hygiene and services of your operation team. Related Training

The scheme could be further tailor-made for your businesses. We enable additions of other auditing and training services, especially in non-food aspects. After a series of successful audits, certification could be awarded to show your commitment to your customers in 3 to 4 months of time.

Hygiene Monitored Approval Scheme  
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Why SGS?

We has been trusted partners of many local and worldwide hospitality businesses for many years and demonstrated quantifiable business value. We are confident to provide your businesses the most comprehensive and suitable solution on food hygiene and safety aspect.

To learn more about Hygiene Monitored Approval Scheme or other related services, please visit Hygiene Monitored Approval Scheme or contact:

Certification and Business Enhancement
Tel: 27653620


Note:  Hidden Crises in Your Hospitality Business

1. Microbiology/ Chemical contamination
There are often cases on various types of contamination during the food production process. Food poisoning cases not only bring loss in your sales, they would break your long-established reputation. Thus, it is necessary to conduct regular food testing before serving. Professional reviews of food processing should be done to find out the loopholes in food safety. Following HACCP would be the most common practice worldwide to minimize the risk of food contamination.

2. Origin of food source
Another food safety risk would be incurred from the source or during transportation of food. To mitigate the food safety risk along the food production chain, we have auditing programs to audit food origins and logistic procedures. Various recognized standards in Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) enable traceability of food, reducing your liability risks and costs.

3. Service/ Hospitality Quality
The hygiene of the waiters would be crucial to food safety risk. Without a proper hygiene level among your operation team, the customers would risk food poisoning. Thus, food hygiene training would be essential to mitigate the risk of food safety when serving the food. Trainings and mystery shopper programs would further help hospitality businesses to evaluate and improve service quality constantly, achieving better sales in the end.