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California's new residential Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6) take effect on 1 Jan, 2017. For Lighting, the 2016 standards require that all indoor and outdoor lighting for new homes must be high efficacy.

Scope and Requirements
The definition of “high efficacy luminaries” includes all light sources identified as "efficient" under the standards. This includes LED Lamps, linear fluorescent, PIN based compact fluorescent, GU-24 base CFL, HID etc. High efficacy products include any luminary (including LED luminary) that contains a JA8-compliant lamp or other light source.

For lamps to qualify as high efficacy under JA8, they must be certified and marked as either JA8-2016 or JA8-2016-E. These markings mean the light source meets the requirements of Joint Appendix JA8, and the product is listed in the Energy Commission product database. These requirements assure lamps and luminaries provide high colour quality, have a long life and are energy efficient.

SGS Service
SGS is accredited by California Energy Commission (CEC) to perform testing and registration for CEC TITLE 24 related to lighting products, we are able to offer convenient one-stop service to ensure compliance and market access.

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To obtain a copy in PDF version, please click here.