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An effective waste management would reduce the waste that would end up in the landfills, which would reduce the stress that human activities brought to our environment. Other than its impact on the environment, a good waste management plan would greatly reduce your production costs as well.

The theory is simple: with the reduction of waste, the cost used on waste deposit and waste treatment would be lowered. With the potential implementation of Quantity-based Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme in the near future in Hong Kong, the cost of waste deposit would further increase; hence the significance of waste reduction becomes more prominent. Waste reduction could be simple as encouraging the reuse of mugs instead of using disposable paper cups in offices, significant results would be observed after the implementation in long run.

Other than saving money, reducing waste at source would save your valuable resources as well. Simple as reducing material used in packaging for consumer products and logistics would make a difference in your production cost and saving the earth from plastic wastes.

Increase in reputation would be another positive effect of implementing waste reduction strategies. With the rise of awareness in environmental issues, there are more consumers choosing to purchase products from environmental-friendly businesses. Improving your waste management plans would attract these ‘green’ customers and would probably boast your sales as well.

Better waste management would help your businesses save costs and resources, the strategies on waste reduction may not be as complicated and costly as you thought. According to North London Waste Authority, UK businesses could save up to 6.4 billion euros a year by implementing waste reduction strategies. Act now before it’s too late, check out the infographic attached on strategies to improve your businesses’ waste management.


SGS will is here to investigate and devise the waste management plan that is most suitable to your businesses. We have experts in waste management field and they are here to provide advices and cost-effective strategies on reducing wastes.

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