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In recent months, EU member states strengthened the enforcement of RoHS requirement. A variety of products were recalled or withdrawn from the market.  This information was communicated through Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products (RAPEX).

Frequent RAPEX notifications of non-compliant products indicate EU member states’ intensive effort on surveillance check for RoHS compliance. Although the industry is already familiar with RoHS requirements, oversight of hazardous substances control still occurred. The risk of RoHS non-compliance should not be neglected.

Recent RAPEX notifications due to non-compliance with RoHS are listed below.
Notifying Country Product  Risk Description  Measures Taken 
Germany LED Lamp The product contains excessive lead Withdrawal from the market

Hand Blender Solders on PCB and motor contain lead up to 80.0%  Withdrawal from the market
Clock radio with Alarm Part of antenna wire, part of capacitor and brass component contain lead up to 0.19%;
solders on PCB and brass component contain cadmium up to 0.071%
Travel Charger Solders of electric plug and solders on PCB contain lead up to 84.0% and cadmium up to 1.10%
Hair Curler Solders on PCB and on cables contain lead up to 74.9%
Hair Straighteners  Solders on PCB contain lead up to 2.09%
Toy Fire Engine  Solders and colorred cables contain lead up to 82.0%
Sweden Game Controller  Solders on PCB contain lead up to 45%  Recall product from end users 
Estonia  Plastic Flashing Toy Terminal of LED lamp and solder of PCB contain 6.177% of lead; LED lamp contains bromine up to 0.52%  Import rejected at border
Battery-Operated Toy Car Non-accessible parts contain 0.358% of lead and 0.027% of cadmium; LED lamp and electronic components contain bromine up to 0.30%; speaker contains 0.587% of chromium  Withdrawal from the market 

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To obtain a copy in PDF format, please click here.