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Nowadays, dishwasher has become one of the most popular appliances in modern kitchen. Although it is a superb labour saving device, many domestic articles could have been affected by the dishwashing cycles resulting in loss of gloss, cloudiness, corrosion and other visual defects.

SGS Hong Kong is delighted to announce a NEW Testing Service to determine the suitability of domestic articles subject to cyclic dishwashing.

EN 12875 Part 1 specifies a test method to assess the resistance of domestic articles made from ceramic, glass, glass ceramic, vitreous enamel, metal and plastics against the combined chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses of mechanical dishwashing in domestic dishwashers.

During the test, samples are repeatedly exposed to a standardized test cycle in a test dishwasher which simulates the household dishwashing machine. The test dishwasher is a machine in which a washing cycle consists of several partial steps: pre-wash, a cleaning step using alkaline cleaner, an intermediate rinse step, and the final rinse step which a rinse agent is added. The washing cycle is finalized by a drying step. After that, samples are inspected for any visual deviations from the original product.
Test item # of cycles price (hkd) Per cycle
EN 12875 Part 1 Dishwashing Test 500 HKD 50
* 4 pcs of samples per style required (including 1 pc of control sample)

Experts at SGS have the capability and expertise to provide a comprehensive spectrum of testing services using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure that your product(s) are testified by the utmost test standard.

For more information, please contact one of our Sales Associates for details.

Get a copy in PDF version here.