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Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a controversial chemical and its usage in plastic baby bottles, food contact articles and thermal receipt paper raised debates of its safety over the world. 

Some countries such as France and certain States in US have already prohibited the use of BPA in certain products.

With the sales of “BPA-free” products become more common in the market, the industry is still trying to find a suitable substitute to the chemical, and Bisphenol-S (BPS) is one of them.

However, different studies of BPS have revealed that the chemical is disruptive to the body’s hormone system and may also affect brain development in animal embryos which is similar to that of BPA.  Such studies became news headline and a hot topic of discussion this year.

In view of this, SGS HK is pleased to announce our launch on BPS testing service to help our clients to tackle with this rising concern.

As the world’s leading third-party laboratory, we have a global network of experts in every field and offer the “Best in Class Service” for all of your testing, inspection and audit needs.

For more information, please contact one of our Sales Associates for details.

Get a copy in PDF version here.