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Collect and comply the legislation timely are the key issue for the supply chain assessment so the updated will be introduced in below.  Minimum wage always is one of the hot topics for the supply chain. In the first half of 2015, 13 provinces and cities have raised the minimum wages standard. In addition, there are updates on Emergency response to environmental accidents management, Regulations on production safety accident report and investigation, and etc.

1. The minimum wages standard has been raised in Shanxi province
The latest minimum wage updated was posted by Shanxi Local Bureau at 12 May: Since 1 May in Shanxi province, the minimum wage standard was raised by RMB170 per month in average.  Among them, the monthly minimum wage of Taiyuan is RMB1620, which exceed RMB 1500 in the first time. Please click here to read SGS Safeguards on China 12 Provinces updated the Minimum Wages in the First Half of 2015. For more information, please visit SGS Minimum Wages Map.

2. Emergency Response to Environmental Accidents Management will be implemented from 5 Jun, 2015
“Emergency Response to Environmental Accidents Management” clarifies the role and responsibility of environmental protection department and enterprise in the emergency response management of environmental incident and/or accidents through 4 segments: risk control, emergency preparedness, emergency response and restore; with standardize the work-flow, and working mechanism. Publishing the information based on the classification of incident and/or accident to develop the public awareness and supervision culture.

3. Ministry of Environmental Protection issue 6 new rules in quick succession to block the black hole of environmental assessment.
From March 2 to 24, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued 6 new rules about environmental assessment, which not only define that the fade out schedule of governmental environmental assessment organization and also forbid the government officers and their family members to interfere with the environmental assessment..

4. Amendment on production safety accident report and investigation implemented from 1 May, 2015
National safety supervision bureau decision about four articles such as penalty policy of “production safety accidents report and investigation disposal regulations” has been approved on National safety supervision bureau board meeting and was implemented since 1 May 2015.

5. Second amendment to Employment Service and Employment Administration Regulation
Employment Service and Employment Administration Regulation will be made the second amendment based on “Decision on Human Resources Department of Social Security amending part of rules”. According to “Decision on State Council cancel and rectify a number of items of administrative examination and approval” (Number 19, 〔2013〕 promulgated by State Council), “Notice on informing the reform of registered capital registration system” (Number 7, 〔2014〕 promulgated by State Council)and “Decision on State Council a number of items of administrative examination and approval” (Number 50, 〔2014〕 promulgated by State Council), Human Resources Department of Social Security has updated the relevant issues about capital and administration approval in the amendment.

6. Dangerous Chemical Directory (2015 version) implemented from 1 May, 2015
According to “Dangerous Chemical Safety Regulation”, the State Administration of Work Safety together with Ministry of Industry and Information, Public Security Bureau, Ministry of Environment Protection, Ministry of Health, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Ministry of Transport, Railways and Civil aviation authorities, Agriculture department make “Directory 2015”, which implemented from 1 May, 2015. Dangerous Chemical Directory (2002 version) and Highly Poisonous Chemical Directory (2002 version) have been abolished at the same time.

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