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ISO 20121:2012 Event sustainability management systems -- Requirements with guidance for use is a management system standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It aims to improve the sustainability management practices of events’ supply chain. So, ISO 20121 is applicable to Event Owners, Event Planners, Event Organizers, Suppliers to the Event, etc.

What types of events can apply for ISO 20121? Events range from small-sized to large-sized or local to international can apply for ISO 20121. It means events such as, Annual Dinner, Concert, Exhibition, Sports Game, Fashion Show and Olympic Games can all be certified provided that they fulfill ISO 20121 requirements.

ISO 20121 management system can be set up based on PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Act) framework. At the planning stage, you need to define the certification scope for the event. Then, you can develop the event objectives and stakeholder engagement strategies in terms of several sustainability aspects, such as economic, environmental and social. During the implementation stage, human resources, communications with stakeholders and documentation are crucial that the sustainability management system can be run in the event. After a certain period of time, both the top management and the management system representative are required to evaluate the sustainability performance of the system by assessing the objective achievement and identifying the area for continuous improvement. In most cases, the management system evaluation is taken in form of face-to-face meeting. Most importantly, action plan for improvement is required to be developed after the evaluation.

As your reliable certification partner, we can assess your management system in compliance with ISO 20121 requirements. If it meets, the event can be awarded with ISO 20121 certificate which is valid for 3 years and annual surveillance visit will be arranged for certificate maintenance.

Before certification, most companies may spend time and resources on studying the management system themselves. Yet, it is believed that they will find us for help as we provide:

We provide a 1-day ISO 20121 Introduction Course for you to understand the concept and requirements of ISO 20121. The course covers the principles of event sustainability management, the major topics of sustainability, the basic framework of ISO 20121 and the application of ISO 20121.

GAP Analysis:
The aim of GAP Analysis is helping you to identify the distance of your existing event sustainability management system against ISO 20121 requirements. It effectively assists you to get well-prepared before the formal certification audit.

Stage 1 Audit: Document Review
Our professional auditors will carry out a review of the self-assessment questionnaire and supporting evidence provided by you. Following the review, the auditor will prepare a report which outlines the focusing areas of Stage 2 Audit.

Stage 2 Audit: On-site Assessment
The duration of Stage 2 Audit varies depending on the number of employees and sites covered in the certification scope. During the on-site assessment, our auditors collect the objective evidences which support to match with the ISO 20121 requirements. If the evidences are adequate, you will be recommended to get ISO 20121 certification.

Undoubtedly, sustainability is a global hot topic nowadays. Sustainable event will receive an increasing awareness in international and local levels that you can be benefited with ISO 20121 certification. The followings show some of the benefits:
- Provides assurance to stakeholders that the event has been planned and implemented in a sustainable manner
- Helps to differentiate you from your competitors, helping to win new business and improving your reputation and brand image
- Helps to reduce carbon emissions and waste and improve resource efficiency of the entire event supply chain
- Improves relationships with the employees, local communities, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders

We are the world’s leading certification, inspection, verification, and testing company. Recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, we employ over 80,000 people and operate a network of more than 1,650 offices and laboratories around the world. Our partners always find us:
- Experienced in managing ISO 20121 project
- Competent in providing ISO 20121 all-around service
- Professional in providing audit report which specifies the area for improvement for your event
- Enriched with sufficient knowledge in the event industry
- Independent in delivering our services to ensure integrity

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