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Who is ECE?
EuroCloud Europe (ECE) is an independent non-profit organization and established ECSA in spring 2011. ECE facilitates growth of cloud based services and innovations across Europe and worldwide, which presents in more than 25 European Countries. ECE is offering the certification scheme “EuroCloud Star Audit” (ECSA) in order to establish trust in cloud services both on the customer and the user side. The purpose of the ECSA and auditing Cloud Services is to provide an accountable quality rating of Cloud Services. ECSA takes the Cloud Service itself into the scope within the assessment of all relevant areas to address the key concerns of the cloud service cases. ECSA certificate is a meaningful selection tool for customers who want to use trustworthy cloud services and it reduces the necessity to perform costly individual audits.

SGS is the first accredited training provider for the EuroCloud Star Audit (ECSA) and assessor in Hong Kong. The purpose of the ECSA is to provide an accountable quality rating of Cloud Services.

Your Challenge
You may be facing challenge on migrate to cloud service or selecting the best cloud provider for your needs amongst many cloud services in the market. Even if a SaaS solution provider has ISO-27001 certification, this tells us nothing about the security systems used by providers earlier in the supply chain, such as embedded platform or infrastructure providers.

The EuroCloud Star Audit (ECSA) is a mature certification scheme, especially designed to asset cloud service. ECSA, which is one of the Cloud Service Certification Schemes, is mentioned by the HKSAR InfoCloud portal. In addition, ECSA delivers a Cloud Certification and Tools that have been approved by ENISA and have been developed under the European Cloud Strategy.

The ECSA evaluates Cloud Services according to a set and published catalogue of criteria and audit scope. The scope covers all participants of the specific supply chain of a cloud service. The assessment result shows the respective level of service. Similar to the well-know hotel classification, the product is assigned “EuroCloud stars” from 3 up to 5 stars. In addition, the use of respective EuroCloud Star Audit logo is licensed. This serves as an instant point of orientation for the potential customer.

Unlike purely security or data protection audit, ECSA covers the wider range of cloud service functions and validates compliance with the requirements in clearly understandable terms. The ECSA audit has a non-negotiable mandatory bandwidth of all important areas of a cloud service.

• General Information
• Physical Data Location Customer Data
• Service Management
• Extended Company Profile
• Reference Information about the Cloud Service
• Certifications

Contract and compliance
• Adequate contract terms
• Rules for Data Management
• Contractual Data Privacy requirements
• Service Level Agreements
• Terms in case of bankrupt
• Terms for pricing and cost allocation

Security and Data Privacy
• Security Management
• Technical Security
• Technical data privacy measures
• Data integrity
• Auditability

Operations and infrastructure
• General DC assessment
• Access control
• Area and environment assessment
• Resilience
• DC Operations

Operations processes
• Customer Support
• Service Management
• Data backup processes
• Quality assurance

Service Type specific assessment
• IaaS
• PaaS
• SaaS

Qualification Pathway
The ECSA Academy offers series of training courses for different candidate groups. This will ensure a globally uniform level of knowledge and enable regular, standardized training for ECSA partners and Cloud service Providers and Users.

To create your qualification pathway step-by-step:
1. Completed half day ECSA Ambassadors course, you will be awarded an ECSA Ambassador Certificate.
2. Completed another half day ECSA Foundation course, you will be awarded with an ECSA Foundation Certificate.
3. Completed another additional 1-day ECSA Professional course, you will be awarded with an ECSA Professional Certificate.
4. Completed the last additional 1-day ECSA Auditor course, you will be awarded with an ECSA Auditor Certificate.

Qualification Logo Description
ECSA Ambassador (AB)
- A person who is accredited by ECE to promote ECSA and refers an Auditing, Consulting or Training Organization that is interested in becoming a new ESCA partner.
ECSA Foundation (FD)
- A person who wants to achieve a basic know-how regarding Cloud Certification and Cloud Quality Controls.
ECSA Professional (PF)
- A person who wants to support cloud certification and cloud quality related tasks (e.g. in the procurement department) within their own organization.
ECSA internal Auditor (IA)
- A person who wants to support the preparation and the execution of an audit process within their own organization.

For more information about EuroCloud Star Audit service, please contact SGS at or (852) 2765 3620

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