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People's livelihood is a major issue in developing the socialist market economy in China. Raising the minimum wages standard and solving the employment issue are the bottom line of people's basic living standards.  Since 2015, eight provinces and cities have raised the minimum wages standard. Among them, Guangdong province raises the minimum wage by an average of 19%. In the first quarter of 2015, there are updates on Environmental Protection Law, Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings, and etc.

1. Eight provinces and cities raise the minimum wages standard
Since 2015, Hunan, Hainan, Tibet, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shandong, and Guangdong successively raise the minimum wages standard.  Among them, Shenzhen increase the minimum wage to RMB2030 per month.  It is first time to exceed RMB2000 as the highest level in China. For more information, please click SGS Minimum Wage Map.

2. Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China will be implemented from 1 January, 2015
This is the first time it has been revised significantly in the past 25 years. The content is extended from 10 articles to 70 articles. The new Environmental Protection Law stimulates rule of “daily penalty”, and there is no maximum amount. Meanwhile, there is new rule of blacklisting, which will conduct effective administrative action to involved persons, such as detention, so as to strengthen enterprises’responsibilities of environment pollution.

3. New Regulation of Maternity Insurance of Guangdong was implemented from 1st Jan, 2015
The new regulation further clarifies the scope of insurance, and emphasizes that the employing unit take out the maternity insurance in the registration place based on the principle of dependency administration, achieve to “one city, one policy”; clearly explains the relation between the maternity benefit and salary. The action of cheating for birth insurance will be released in public on New Media or Portals. Meanwhile, the claimed birth insurance expense shall be refunded, and the involved insurer shall pay penalty of 2 times to 5 times of the insurance fee. However, the criminals shall be under judgment of judicial authority.

4. "Technical Specifications for Regionalizing Environmental Noise Function" (GB/T 15190 - 2014) is published that replace the 1994 version. 
It is the first revision of “Technical Specifications for Regionalizing Environmental Noise Function” since it released in 1994, which contains the basic principles of noise division and the subdivision method of some noise environment functional area, adds some terms and definitions and other regulations of noise division. The specifications are effective on 1 January, 2015.

5. The amendment of the Regulation on Employment Service and Employment Management was passed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and will be implemented from 1 February, 2015
The revision, relaxes the requirement of unemployment registration, clarifies unemployment registration without the limit of residency, which is of important meaning to promoting the employment and to perfecting human resources market.

6. The State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) released "Eight Stipulations on Safety Production of Labor-intensive Processing Enterprises" on 15 February, 2015
To ensure safety production of labor-intensive manufacturer and summarize the causes of accidents, the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) has released “the Eight rules of safety production of labor-intensive manufacturer”, which is known as “8 must”.

7. Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings (GB50016 - 2014) will be implemented from 1 May, 2015
The new “Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings” added equipments of fire fighting and fire protection requirements of building outside heating system, clearly clarify the settings of fire fighting device, so as to combine the requirements of basic and versatility of  building fire prevention.

8. NDRC, MOF and MEPC publish “Notification on Environmental Issues Modifications such as evacuate sewage charging standard and etc”
According to the requirements of NDRC (National Development and Reform Committee), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environmental Protection based on "Notification on Environmental Issues Modifications such as evacuate sewage charging standard and etc", all provinces' and cities' authorities shall issue the evacuate sewage charging standard at the end of June of 2015, and carry out it no later than January 1, 2016.  The standard level of the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide’s sewage charge will be adjusted to not less than CNY1.2 per pollutant emission equivalent; the standard level of chemical oxygen demand, anmonia nitrogen and the five main heavy-metal pollutant's sewage charge will be adjusted to not less than CNY1.4 per pollutant emission equivalent.  The local authorities of all provinces and cities shall make their own standards based on above minimal standard.  So as to some provinces or cities have already conducted new charging standards of evacuate sewage.

9. Employment Ordinance (LAW of HongKong 57) has been revised on February 27, 2015
Employment Ordinance (LAW of HongKong 57) is the main rule between HongKong employees and employers. Since 1968, the rule has been modified in law in order to provide employing guarantee and benefits for employees. On 27 Feb, 2015, Employment Ordinance (LAW of HongKong 57) has been revised; it mainly adds paternity leave in Part III and related laws which has been affected.

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