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With an increasing global trend of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting has become a common practice for businesses every year. ESG Report is also named as CSR Report and Sustainability Report. In Hong Kong, 85% of Hang Seng Index companies are reporting ESG issues in some form while 45% of them have a stand-alone report. Internationally, 95% of Global 250 companies are reporting their ESG performances.

It can be expected that more companies will issue ESG Report in the coming years with Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) requirement on ESG disclosure. By 2015, HKEx is planning to raise the level of obligation of ESG report publication from “voluntary” to “comply or explain”. This means that the listed companies in Hong Kong are required to issue ESG Report in order to fulfill HKEx requirements. Otherwise, they are required to submit explanation for not issuing ESG Report to HKEx.

Download - ESG Reporting Service Brochure

Download - Sustainability Reporting Whitepaper  

To facilitate the listed companies for ESG Reporting, HKEx published a draft ESG Reporting Guide on December 2011. The guide sets out 4 ESG subject areas, 11 aspects and 34 Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”).

The 4 ESG subject areas are:
- Workplace Quality
- Environmental Protection
- Operating Practices
- Community Involvement

Listed companies are suggested to identify and disclose ESG issues and KPIs that are relevant to their businesses. HKEx will also recognize the use of international guidelines particularly the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4.

To prepare ESG Report which fulfills HKEx requirements, we suggest you to undergo the following processes which we can go through with you:
1) Scope Identification
2) Materiality Assessment
3) Data Collection
4) Content Development
5) Recommendation for Improvement in Next Report

- Fulfill HKEx requirements
- Save your time & manpower in preparing ESG Report
- Review your ESG performances
- Get sustainability improvement advice from an independent third party
- Show your ESG contributions to your stakeholders with the successful publication of ESG Report

- Qualified expert team of Sustainability Reporting, Social Systems, CSR, SEDEX, Energy Management System & Environmental Management System (GRI, SA 8000, IRCA & IEMA approved)
- GRI Certified Training Partner and Provider
- More than 15 years experiences in ESG Reporting aspects, such as training, assessment and verification
- Professional report writers who have been serving various industries, such as manufacturing, property, construction, financial services, catering, etc.

Enquiry Contact: Ms Zonta Yung - TEL: (852) 3543 7997 | EMAIL: