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Every organisation has specific requirements for managing safety, quality, sourcing, provenance of raw materials, social and environmental principles, and overall customer satisfaction. We monitor compliance and verify performance with assessments tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our expertise in delivering customized audits and gap assessments against global standards allows us to provide you with solutions that create business advantage.

Our customised solutions ensure that your organisation, including your suppliers, consistently meet best practice performance standards. We bring transparency to the activities of your organisation today, and implement detailed improvement plans for the future. We protect your brand equity and deliver value to your stakeholders by offering:
•   Independent and trusted experts
•   In-depth auditing competence
•   Local offices and experienced auditors worldwide
•   Identification of issues across global supply chains
•   Related supplier training capabilities
•   Capacity to manage approved supplier and facility lists
•   Ability to verify in-house assessment findings
•   Ability to leverage identified best practices within your organisation
•   Ability to challenge your organisation in the proper implementation of best practices
•   Skills to help prepare for certification when needed
•   Experience in managing complex, international audit programmes
•   Expertise to support you in issuing your internal Charter or Standards

As your needs are unique, so are our solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of modular solutions that define, assess and improve the performance of your organisation, supplier network or other partners. Our global knowledge and ability in providing robust results oriented performance management solutions is unrivalled. From defining performance criteria to developing control measures, reporting qualitative and quantitative data to implementing training solutions for increased business wide performance, our customized solutions empower your organisation.
We allow you to attain next-level performance and consistently replicate it across worldwide offices.

Our customised audits save you the cost of multiple individual audits where various management systems have already been implemented in your organisation. We determine performance criteria simultaneously against all your requirements through a cost-effective integrated solution.



Workshop on gathering or summarising external requirements

How to collect and prioritise customer and stakeholder feedback

Workshop on defining performance criteria

How to link internal/external requirements with performance improvement in order to determine measurable criteria

Development or validation of control plan (e.g. checklist or performance measurement metrics)

Create an auditable checklist or performance scorecard against performance criteria

Assessments including compliance audits, mystery shopping, observation, interviews, document reviews, internal benchmarking, performance rating etc.

Gather transparent data on compliance or performance against the defined control plan

Reporting (qualitative and quantitative)

Summarise assessment findings

Training or advisory services to achieve the improvement plan

How to take performance to the next level from tailored programmes for success

Project Management

Facilitate consistency in implementing the assessment programme globally

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