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Indonesia, a sovereign state in Southeast Asia, has the largest economy in the area.  Its estimated nominal GDP for 2013 was USD 878 million and ranks 16th worldwide.  With a booming economy, it creates a vast array of business opportunities.  Its major imports include machinery & equipment, chemicals, fuels and food contact articles.

Being one of its major imports, the Indonesian government had implanted one of the most extensive regulations & requirements on all food contact materials and articles within the region.

Certain products, such as melamine tableware, require mandatory product certification for import under SNI standards.  The Indonesian government had also placed strict requirements for food packaging materials that composes of various materials under the law HK. of 2011.

Some common materials that are regulated under this food packaging law are highlighted below:

                                                              Covered materials
Metal can Paper
Coating Ceramic
Glass Rubber
Nylon PVC

For plastic materials, depending on specific types, different tests will apply.  These include:

  • Leachable Lead, Cadmium, Chromium (VI) and Mercury
  • Total Migration
  • Chloroform soluble extractives
  • Specific migrations of various chemicals

Product certification for SNI standards must be conducted by Indonesian local approved certifiers.   SGS can provide you with support on information and testing to fulfil all requirements of the food packaging law.

Get a Copy in PDF version: South East Asia Foodgrade Part 1 Indonesia