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The needs of customers vary promptly. When their needs cannot be met, complaints may occur. So, a proactive organization will optimize its complaint handling process for further improvement in service quality. For the sake of keeping up-to-date with the rapid changes of the market, on 17th July 2014, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published ISO 10002:2014. This published version replaces ISO 10002:2004 as the latest guideline for complaint handling.

In ISO 10002:2014, there are no major revisions comparing with the basic framework of ISO 10002:2004. But minor revisions can be found in ISO 10002:2014 as below:

  1. Added relationship with ISO 10001
    • guidance on codes of conduct, ISO 10003
    • guidance on the resolution of disputes and ISO 10004
    • guidance on establishing effectiveness processes for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction.

      However, these are directly related to the revision of ISO 10002.
  2. Removed sentence of ‘This international standard is not intended for certification or for contractual purposes’ from the old version.

To facilitate your transition process of complaint management system and ensure that you will be one of the proactive organizations to prepare for the changes, we will update you with our latest event and/or training course regarding ISO 10002:2014. Please keep an eye on our latest news.