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Nowadays, the role of organization is not limited to providing its products and/services to the society, but also includes taking social responsibility to meet needs from different stakeholders. Among various stakeholders, staff has the most direct and intimate relationship with company.

So, company’s responsibility to staff is not just paying salary on time. It also needs to consider in providing a healthy and safe working environment for staff so as to ensure staff health and prevent them from occupational incident. Yet, how can we establish this kind of environment? Establishing OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System is one of the possible methods.

Hong Kong Workers’ Health Centre (HKWHC) is a social serving organization. Its mission is promoting and accelerating OHS in Hong Kong and China. To set a good example of OHS to the society, HKWHC participates in SGS certification scheme of OHSAS 18001. It meets the assessment requirement to gain OHSAS 18001 certification successfully.

OHSAS 18001 can be viewed as a part of risk management. Its establishment is based on OHS and related laws and regulations requirement. So, to set up OHSAS 18001, company is required to conduct hazard identification, risk assessment and controls determination. HKWHC fulfills all these 3 requirements stipulated in OHSAS 18001. To fulfill all the requirements of OHSAS 18001, HKWHC also executes other items. They are setting policy, objective and program, allocating resources, arranging training, implementing operational control, preparing for emergency, conducting regular performance check, etc. All these items are related to each other closely and they are indispensable.

To ensure the system can be traced, HKWHC establishes documentation system. It enables the staff to gain information and provides supporting document as record or evidence for reference in the future. However, the key successful factor of system implementation is staff competency. Thus, HKWHC provides OHS training to its staff, assuring that they have relevant knowledge and qualified to handle. Yet, system still cannot be run smoothly without clear role and responsibility. HKWHC knows this well and gives precise instruction on employees’ jobs. Based on source of hazards, like human being, equipment, materials, environment, physical hazard, chemical hazard and biological hazard, HKWHC conducts risk assessment. Then, it analyses risk level, probability and seriousness with reference to hazards identified.

Though the process of risk management is a little bit complicated, HKWHC stands firm to achieve OHSAS 18001 and completes risk assessment to control OHS risk. Risk assessment also works as a core force in system operation. SGS is honored to be the independent certification party of HKWHC and is proud to witness this certification. Again, we congratulate HKWHC for being OHSAS 18001 certified.

For more information about OHSAS 18001 service, please contact: +852 2765 3620