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Asia Airfreight Terminal Co Ltd (AAT) is awarded Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certification by SGS. This certification indicates that the air cargo handling, logistics and storage services of AAT for pharmaceutical products is in the line with the international standard set out by the World Health Organization (WHO). AAT is the Cargo Terminal Operator (CTO) that provides total airfreight solutions. As one of the vital parts in the supply chain, AAT shows a good example of improving continuously to meet customers’ needs.

Pharmaceutical product safety and quality are critical elements for CTO to provide high quality service. How can CTO achieve these? GDP can help. It is a quality system applicable for warehouse and distribution centers dedicated for pharmaceutical products. It covers the supply chain including the early delivery of raw materials to the manufacturing plants, to the final shipment of finished drugs to the end user. The establishment of GDP can help to ensure the service quality. Mr Khaw Hock Eng, General Manager of AAT said, “Maintaining the product quality and safety of pharmaceuticals during transportation or storage is of utmost importance in the healthcare supply chain. AAT has further boosted our quality management system for a safe, secure and reliable handling of pharmaceutical products.” This shows AAT top management commitment in setting up effective system to support the maintenance of high service quality consecutively. This also explains why AAT decides to join GDP certification scheme – to attain international level so as to exceed the requirement of its client.

To set up the system, staff involvement is the key. So, AAT has an implementation team to run the system. This team is well-trained and qualified to deal with the system issue like action plan execution, system monitoring, performance review, documentation system establishment and so on. From top to bottom, it can be seen that AAT team has a clear direction of service enhancement and is dedicated to establish GDP to achieve this. Also, it can be found that AAT makes effective resources allocation to help in system set-up. To enhance the efficiency of handling pharmaceutical products, AAT has assigned dedicated workstations and truck docks to enable the quickest movement of shipments.

SGS is the 3rd party certification partner of AAT, during the assessment, we learn that AAT emphasizes quality. It employs state-of-the-art facilities and stringent service standards to maintain its quality level. We congratulate AAT to achieve international level and get GDP certification successfully. Also, we hope that the air logistics industry can have more successes in the future.

For more information about Good Distribution Practices (GDP), please contact: +852 2765 3620