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Water footprint refers to the fresh water consumed directly or indirectly by the entire supply chain in the process of producing products or providing services. In terms of types, water footprint can be divided into green water footprint, blue water footprint and gray water footprint. With the enhancement of their environmental consciousness, consumers want to know how much water footprint the goods they buy produced in factories in order to have green consumption.


Enterprises need to make the environmental information of their products more transparent. For example, they can introduce their environmental performances to the stakeholders through social responsibility reports, or they can fix water footprint labels onto their products. Various industries directly or indirectly consume or pollute water resources. Learning their water footprints and taking effective measures to erase their own water footprints are challenges faced by various enterprises.


SGS can provide enterprises the water footprint training, and it can issue an enterprise the SGS water footprint verification statement if it finds the enterprise’s accounting, evaluation and management methods of water footprint meet international water management standards and requirements through a comprehensive review.


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