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In 2012, National Development and Reform Committee, Ministry of Industry and Information, State Forestry Bureau jointly issued The Twelfth Five-year Plan of Paper-making Industry Development (hereinafter referred to as the Plan). The Plan stressed that during the “twelfth five-year plan period”, paper-making industry of China is requested to speed up transforming development method, strengthen energy-saving and emission reduction, and to follow a green development way of low-carbon paper-making. Facing the new opportunity and challenge, paper-making enterprise starts searching for a new development way one after another. To well learn and seek for further energy-saving and emission reduction for production plant, APP (China) entrusts SGS to provide ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas verification service.

First, with the assistance of SGS, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper established a greenhouse gas inventory executive committee to carry forward a series of work including all-participant ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory training, identification of greenhouse gas emission sources, establishing of operational boundaries, and finally completed establishment of ISO 14064-1 system in Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper; and then, after SGS training the greenhouse gas inventory executive committee clearly distinguished direct and indirect GHG emission sources of the two factories, and thus total emission load of greenhouse gas (CO2e in unit of Ton) of the two factories during year 2007 is calculated; after that, the calculated results of the two factories passed the greenhouse gas verification by SGS, and gained the SGS GHG verification statement, thus became the first paper-making corporation having passed ISO 14064-1 verification in China.

Finally, based on verification result, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper actively made and promoted greenhouse gas emission reduction plan of the two factories and achieved remarkable benefits: comparing with total emission load of greenhouse gas in year 2007 as the base year, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper achieves CO2e reduction of 16,926.97T, and total CO2e emission load of Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper is reduced by 222,762.26T, and finally realized three main benefits covering environment, economy and internal. Mr. Wu ChuanWei, member of business and management group of Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. Expressed that, “Green production keeps being the business tenet of APP Group.


By cooperation with SGS and based on various schemes of low-carbon and energy-saving and forest management service, we shall take constructing beautiful home as our mission to make great efforts in achieving the objective for the “twelfth five-year plan” period. SGS provides ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas verification service for all the fields including electronics, chemical industry, food, paper-making, building material, real estate, and hotel. Up to now, over 200 enterprises have selected SGS to complete verification on greenhouse gas. Besides the service of verification on greenhouse gas, SGS also assists enterprises in holding greenhouse gas verifier trainings, calculating carbon footprint of the product and carbon neutrality and so on.



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