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Welcome to SGS SAS News Clips Issue 19!  This issue covers a variety of topics including the CSR Evaluation Criteria, child labor, fire and safety, G4 online and Minimum Wages Updates in China etc.

Enjoy Reading!

Major Trends

1. Shanghai plans to imply “double punishment” on enterprises which have caused pollution
Nov 20 2013, the Standing Committee of Shanghai Provincial People’s Congress had reviewed the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution for Shanghai (“draft“).  The “draft“ plans to include “double punishment“, that is apart from penalizing the enterprises which caused pollution person-in-charge of the enterprise will be also liable for a penalty.

2. China CSR Evaluation Criteria issued
Dec 6, 2013, China Enterprise Evaluation Association (CEEA) and Tsinghua University jointly issued the "China CSR Evaluation Criteria" (draft) for public opinion at the fifth Chinese excellent enterprises’s responsibility summit in Beijing.  The “draft“ covers 10 indicators: moral value, product quality, shareholders' equity, employees rights, consumer rights, credit management, energy & environment, harmonic community, innovation & technology, responsibility management.

Industry Observation

3. Hunan, Hainan provinces and Chongqing updated the minimum wage standards
From Dec 2013 to Jan 2014, Hunan, Hainan provinces and Chongqing updated the minimum wages standards. After the latest adjustment, monthly minimum wages in Hunan are RMB1265, RMB1145, RMB1035 and RMB945.  Hainan will be RMB1120, RMB1020 and RMB970 respectively.  Whereas, the minimum wages in Chongqing are RMB 1250 and RMB1150.  Meanwhile, the monthly minimum wage in Shenzhen will go up to RMB 1808 in Feb 2014.  For more information, please visit SGS Minimum Wages Map

4. An electronic factory employed child labor in Shenzhen
Dec 30, 2013, an electronic factory employed dozens of child labor in Shenzhen.  It is reported that most of them were teenage schoolgirls from Sichuan Yi ethnic group.  Also there were a few boys, who always worked for 12 hours a day.  The case is under further investigation by the labor department and most of the children have been returned to their provinces.

5. A cosmetic factory was on fire in Guangzhou
Dec 7, 2013, 12 workers of a cosmetic factory were injured after a fire started in their workshop in Guangzhou.  According to the media, the 3th floor of the factory was a warehouse, and the 1th & 2th floors were workshop and dorm respectively.  At present, the accident is under further investigation.

6. 7 workers died after the leakage of liquid ammonia in Shandong
Nov 28, 2013, there was a leakage of liquid ammonia inside a company in Shandong Province, causing 13 workers poisoned, and 7 dead.  The accident is under investigation.

7. 1 worker died after illegal operation in Hunan
Nov 14, 2013, in order to meet the deadline of a project, 3 workers of a factory who didn’t have work permit cut off a U type pipe by the oxyacetylene welding equipment, causing the remnant methanol in the pipe blazed up.  1 worker died and 2 others suffered severe burn.  Investigation has been carried out.

International News

8. Fire Killed Seven People in a Chinese-owned Factory in Prato, Italy
Dec 1, at least 7 people died and 2 people were badly injured after a fire in a Chinese-owned clothing factory in Prato. According to local media, the cause of the fire remains unknown and the case is being investigated.

9. GRI lauched G4 Online tool to assist users in writing CSR reports
Nov 7, 2013, GRI launched a web-based tool G4 Online to assist organizations preparing sustainability reports using the latest generation of GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.  The G4 Online can help users to access the definitions of key terms, concepts in the G4 text etc.

Latest News

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