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On 9 Dec 2013 Bluetooth SIG announced the updated Bluetooth® Qualification and Listing Process to all members. The new process will be effective on 1 Feb 2014. Both the qualification listing process and listing fee structure will be significantly updated since 1 Feb 2014.

The listing interface to be unified for Design & Product listing. A Declaration ID to be assigned to identify each Product Listing and a QD ID (Qualified Design ID) to be assigned to identify each Design. The QD ID will be always the TPG Project ID which was assigned for all existing projects also but not publicly displayed. Since the launch date QD ID in current QDL (Qualified Design Listing) to be shown as Declaration ID and the hidden Project ID to be shown as QD ID in New Listing.

New EPL (End Product Listing) can not be created and existing EPLs can not be edited except grammatical errors since 1 Feb 2014. Any updates to existing EPLs will only be done by request to BQA (Bluetooth® Qualification Administration).

In new process the listing fee should be paid if a member uses another member’s already qualified design to release a new product for obtaining the Bluetooth® Trademark and patent & copyright licenses.

Design Change procedure will be terminated in the new process and any substantial change (such as PCB layout, schematic diagram, adding Profile/Service) to a qualified design will always requires a New Design Qualification project and Listing.

new listing fee structure


Listing fee

(to get Declaration ID)

US$ 2,500 US$ 8.000

 *IIP means Innovation Incentive Program. Member Company who does not have qualification listing record before and with annual revenue less than $1,000,000 can pay $2,500 for their 1st Declaration Listing.

Why SGS?
SGS is fully equipped to provide Bluetooth testing and qualification assessment.
SGS has Bluetooth Qualification Experts (BQEs) recognized by the Bluetooth SIG to perform qualification assessments as a service to members

For further information, please contact: 

t: +852 2204 8343

Get a copy in PDF version: Bluetooth Qualification and Listing Process Updates