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A mandatory standard of GB 28480:2012 "Adornment-provision for limit of baneful elements" has been implemented on 1 May 2013, which was formally issued by SAC (Standardization Administration of China) & AQSIQ (State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine) on 29 June 2012. The standard provides restriction on certain harmful elements in the adornment, including jewelry (intended for adults and children) and ornaments, except gems.

Under GB 28480:2012, heavy metal contents in the various types of non-precious metal jewelry and ornaments were restricted. For metal components in such jewelries, the below technical requirements of this standard consists of nickel release and other baneful elements shall be fulfilled:

Nickel release Non-body piercing parts 0.5 μg/cm2/week
Body piercing parts 0.2 μg/cm2/week
standard requirementTest itemadult jewelrychildren jewelry
 Heavy metals content
 Arsenic (As) 1000 mg/kg 1000 mg/kg
 Hexavalent Chromium (Cr (VI)) 1000 mg/kg 1000 mg/kg
 Mercury (Hg) 1000 mg/kg 1000 mg/kg
 Lead (Pb) 1000 mg/kg  300 mg/kg
 Cadmium  100 mg/kg  100 mg/kg
 Soluble heavy metals (children’s jewelries only)
 Soluble Antimony (Sb)  60 mg/kg
 Soluble Arsenic (As)  25 mg/kg
 Soluble Barium (Ba)  1000 mg/kg
 Soluble Cadmium (Cd)  75 mg/kg
 Soluble Chromium (Cr)  60 mg/kg
 Soluble Lead (Pb)  90 mg/kg
 Soluble Mercury (Hg)  60 mg/kg
 Soluble Selenium (Se)  500 mg/kg
 Other materials  The hazardous substances,which were made of other materials, shall comply with the respective requirements (e.g. GB 18401 for textiles).
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