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Welcome to SGS SAS News Clips Issue 16! This issue covers the news about limiting the labor dispatch number, Child labor, Labor dispute, Overtime work under high temperature, Fire, Latest G4.0 Guidelines and Minimum Wages Updates in China etc.
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Major Trends

1. Big Firms should report environmental impact as per the requirement of UN committee

May 30, 2013, it is suggested by the UN committee that big companies should publicise their impact on the environment in addition to their financial status. Last year, Britain became the first country forcing major companies to publish their greenhouse gas emissions in their corporate reports.

2. The Ministry of Human Resources is expected to update a new regulation of limiting the labor dispatch number

The “China Labor Contract Law amendment” has come into force on 1 Jul 2013 and recently,  it is reported that the Ministry of Human Resources is expected to update a detailed regulation to control the number of dispatch workers in enterprises. It is likely that the percentage will be 10%.

Industry Observation

3. Yunnan, Ningxia. Xinjiang and Guangdong provinces updated the minimum wage standards

From May to Jun, 2013, Yunnan, Ningxia and Xinjiang provinces updated the minimum wages standards. After the latest adjustment, monthly minimum wages in Yunnan are RMB1265, RMB1130 and RMB955. The wages in Ningxia are RMB1300, RMB1220 and RMB1150 and in Xinjiang are RMB1520, RMB1320, RMB1240 and RMB1160 respectively. The latest monthly minimum wages in Guangdong have come into force on May 1 and are RMB1550, RMB1310, RMB1130 and RMB1010, Zhuhai city has raised to RMB1380 at their initiative. For more information, please visit SGS Minimum Wages Map

4. Factory employed child labor in Shandong

Jun 17, 2013, it is found that a factory employed child labor in Weihai, Shandong Province. Moreover, the smell inside the workshop is pungent due to the process of electroplating and painting but workers didn’t wear face masks or any protective equipment. According to the officials, the factory will be given a severe punishment and a regular health examination for workers should be in force.

5. 8 workers threatened to jump off from the building for unpaid wages in Guangdong

Jun 5, 2013, 8 workers from a metal factory would like to jump off from the rooftop of their factory in a wage dispute in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. At present, under the intervention of the relevant department, the owner of the factory promised to pay back the unpaid wages and a compensation of RMB2000 to each worker. 

6. A worker died after overtime work under high temperatures in Anhui

Jul 17, 2013, a worker of a moulding workshop died after working 12 hours in a row under high temperatures in Anqing, Anhui Province. It is reported that there is no air conditioning and the temperature is constantly high in the workshop where workers regularly work overtime. Up to now, the accident is under further investigation and also will be investigated by the labor department.

7. 121 people died after company caught in fire in Jilin

Jun 3, 2013, a company was on fire in Dehui, Jilin Province, causing 121 people died. An initial investigation indicates the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit between the female changing room of the first workshop and the switchgear room of the second workshop. The accident is under further investigation.

International News

8. The Value of Sustainability Report has been released

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and one accounting firm have jointly released a report named “Value of the Sustainability Report “. Its strong evidence and transparency offers a number of financial and social advantages that make sustainability report worth more than its costs. It is reported that 95 percent of the 250 global enterprises issued sustainability reports.

9. The Global Reporting Initiatives released latest G4.0 Guidelines

May, 2013, the Global Reporting Initiatives released latest G4.0 Guidelines. G4.0 has increased user-friendliness and accessibility. It emphasized on what is material for the organizations to provide to their business and stakeholders.

Hot Events

Interpretation of the Latest Regulations on Labor Dispatching Seminar

Date: July 31 2013

Duration: 14:00-16:30

Place: Shenzhen

Language: Mandarin

Fee: Free

Major Contents:

  • Interpret the updated regulations;
  • Concerns of using dispatch workers;
  • The major rules of using dispatch workers;
  • Q&A

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