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People enjoy skiing for various reasons and millions of them go skiing every year worldwide. To ensure a safe and wonderful day on the slope, a pair of ski goggles is an essential piece of safety and protective equipment for anyone wishing to try their hand at winter sports.

Sun reflecting off the snow is incredibly blinding and there is a much greater chance of UV. Long term exposure to UV rays can permanently damage your eyes, causing cataracts and other eye conditions; even short term exposure can cause sunburn of the eyes. In snowy or foggy conditions, prolonged exposure to cold and winds can cause sore streaming eyes. Eyes might also be hurt by branches and twigs when running through the trees in piste.

Ski goggles is not only providing a fashion appealing to skiers, it shall also provide clarity at every angle of vision, UV filtering for eye protection and unsurpassed impact protection. And there are different national standards/ requirements on ski goggles.

In Europe, EN 174: 2001, Personal eye - protection – Ski goggles for downhill skiing, which is classified as Class 1 Personal Protective Equipment under PPE Directive - 89/686/EEC.

In US, ASTM F659: 2010, Standard Specification for Ski and Snowboard Goggles.


EN 174: 2001ASTM F659: 2010
  • Requirements for design and manufacture
  • Field of version
  • Lens requirements
    - Optical Power
    - Transmittance
    - Scattered Light
    - Quality of material and surface
    - Resistance to ultraviolet radiation
  • Field of vision
  • Lens requirements
  • Mechanical strength
  • Protection against water and snow
  • Resistance to ignition
  • Suitability for cleaning and care
  • Optical Requirements
    - Optical Power
    - Ultraviolet Transmittance
    - Haze
    - Optical Quality
    - Surface and Internal Defects
    - Resistance to Fogging
  • Mechanical Strength
  • Lens Strength and Retention
  • UV Stability
  • Water and Snow Protection
  • Cleaning
  • Product Marking

Beside above, we can provide product testing on Sunglasses, Reading Spectacles, Swimming Goggles as well as other testing per product’s safety and performance specification, such as Resistance to Surface Damage by Fine Particles (Falling Sand), Resistance to Fogging, High Velocity Impact, Abrasion Resistant…etc, assisting to enhance your product quality and be competitive in global markets.
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Get a copy in PDF format: SGS Offers Sportive Eye Protection Devices Testing Services


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