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Welcome to SGS Social Responsibility News Clips Issue 14!

This issue covers “China Labor Contract Law amendment”, “management measure of working capability appraisal (draft)”, general strike, Safety, India’s Law on Corporate Social Responsibility and Minimum Wages Updates in China etc.

Enjoy reading!

Major Trends

  1. “China Labor Contract Law Amendment” will come into force on 1 Jul 2013
    The decision of revising “Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China” has been voted through in the 11 session of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress 30 conference.  The new “China Labor Contract Law amendment” will come into force on 1 Jul 2013. The new amendment limits the allocation of Labor Dispatch, and maintains the right of equal-pay.
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  2. The Ministry of Human Resources and Ministry of Health drafted the “management measure of working capability”
    Feb 18, 2013, the Ministry of Human Resources and Ministry of Health released a draft of management measure of working capability for public opinion until Mar 18. The measures strengthened and standardized the management and the evaluation of working capability
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  3. 3.
  4. Guizhou, Guangxi province and Shenzhen updated the minimum wage standards
    Feb 1, 2013, Guizhou and Guangxi province updated the minimum wages standards.  After the adjustment, monthly and hourly minimum wage of Guizhou are RMB1030 & RMB11, Guangxi are RMB1200 & RMB10.5 respectively.  Guangdong province will raise the minimum wage to RMB 1550 on May 1. Shenzhen had raised the minimum wage to RMB1660 on Mar 1. For more information, please visit SGS Minimum Wages Map

4.Some enterprises encountered difficulties in recruiting workers after holiday break
After Chinese New Year in 2013, some enterprises encountered difficulties in recruiting workers.  A factory owner of a textile factory in Foshan, Guangdong has to take turn with his wife working in the factory.  Whereas in a knitting factory, since there are not enough workers on the production line, only half of the machine runs, and workers have to work on shift.

5.Thousands of workers struck for pay in Shanghai
Jan 18, 2013, thousands of workers went on a strike against the dominant rules set by their factory in Shanghai.  At present, related party is coordinating and solving the labour dispute.

6.A noodle factory exploded in Zhejiang
Feb 3, 2013, a noodle factory exploded, causing 3 workshops collapsed, 4 workers died and 6 workers injured in Cixi, Zhejiang Province.

7.Almost 20,000 moved after the leakage of methanol in Guizhou
Feb 26, 2013, there was a leakage of methanol inside a factory in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. There were nearly 20,000 people evacuated and 5 workers injured after the accident.

International News

8.Law on Corporate Social Responsibility in India
The Lok Sabha (Lower House of the Parliament) approved and passed the Companies Bill 2012 which makes corporate social responsibility mandatory for Indian companies. Under this latest Bill, guidelines stated that companies have to reserve some money on CSR activities.

9.CSR Development Centre in Ukraine Published Report on CSR Progress
The Centre for CSR Development Centre in Ukraine, has recently published a report "CSR in Ukraine in 2012. Forecasts for 2013", which provides a holistic analysis of last year's CSR progress of the country as well as an overview of trends of this year. For the full details of the initiatives, view the report here

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