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Local Code Compliance

All ‘Lift/Escalator Work’ has to be carried out by Registered Lift/Escalator Engineer (RE) or Competent Lift/Escalator Workers (CW). CW has to be under the employment of Registered Lift/Escalator Contractor (RC), but RE can be an independent party.

Existing Practices

  • Local code requirements : RE to perform annual examination and safety test to lift
    equipment (half-yearly for escalator)
  • Trade practice: REs are employed by RCs, hence the RE of RC will perform the work -‘Lack of independence’ due to the employer & employee relationship of RC/RE
  • Independent lift consultant to perform lift quality inspection is being practiced in USA, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Macau...

Independent Quality Inspection
Future Lift Quality Solution

  • Owners should be encouraged to get independent view on quality of lift equipment.
  • EMSD’s role in monitoring performance and quality assessment should be partly and gradually taken up or supported by the third
  • Third party involvement in lift inspection (and safety test) is the future lift quality Solution

System And Procedures (International Standard)

  • Standard check list
  • Standard work and test procedures
  • Standard Reports
  • Training and re-qualifying all Res
  • Quality Norm for reference

Tools And Equipment (Quantitative Data)

  • Tachometer
  • Light and Sound level meter
  • Traffic Analyzer
  • Thermo-imaging device
  • PMT (riding quality)

When Do You Need Our Service – Independent Lift / Escalator Inspection?

  • Change of lift service provider
  • Renewal of existing maintenance contract
  • Lift service provided by non-OEM
  • Poor performance of existing RC
  • After lift upgrade
  • After lift incident

Lift inspection and safety test are recommended to be done by Independent Third Party of relevant profession. Other RC who performs this service may not provide independent view.

Targeted Solutions - Quality Rating On Maintenance & Adjustment

Option A
Provide lift equipment quality audit and recommendations for improvement or upgrades to owners / management companies

Option B
Witness safety test being carried out by the RE of the Service Provider (RC) and provide an independent report

Option C
Perform the duty of RE to carry out examination and safety test required by law, equipment quality report and other optional services

A. Equipment Quality Audit

  • Measurement or Functional test on critical safety items
  • Visual inspection
  • Equipment survey on 2 major areas
    - Maintenance quality
    - Adjusting quality
  • Apply Quality Rating on individual component (e.g. Machine, Doors, Pit equipment,…etc)
  • Complete review on all items of demerit points of the EMSD’s PAS – Assessment of the performance of RC/RE
  • Inspection Report with recommendations on improvements/upgrades

B. Witness Safety Test On Site

  • Witness all tests being carried out by the RE of RC on site
  • Provide observations and recommendations independently
  • Equipment survey to be included
  • Also apply Quality Rating on individual component
  • Complete review on all items of demerit points of the EMSD’s PAS – Assessment of the performance of RC/RE
  • Report to be provided to owner

C. Perform Safety Test On Site & Other Optional Services

  • Provide independent RE to perform Lift Safety Tests on site assisted by competent worker from RC
  • Administration work, e-platform entry, form submission to be done by RC
  • Both Equipment survey and Quality Rating to be included
  • Report to be provided to owner
  • Other Optional Services : System & Safety Audits

We have the international expertise and worldwide support on lift / escalator inspection and related services.

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