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While EU new toy safety directive 2009/48/EC takes effect on 20 July, 2011 for non-chemical requirement, the new version of toy safety standard EN71-1:2011, EN71-2:2011 were published by European Committee of Standardization (CEN) in the past.

And EN71-8:2011 was harmonized by European Commission on Oct 19, 2011 as a harmonized standard under the 2009/48/EC.

Major Changes

  • Scope
    Included: swings, slides, carousels, climbing frames, playhouses and tents, paddling pools, non-aquatic inflatable toys etc. toy for domestic use, and the support structure remains stationary when children climbing, jumping, swinging, sliding, rocking, spinning, paddling, crawling and creeping in it.

    Not included:
    • Playground equipment intended for public use;
    • Bow-mounted rocking activity toys covered in EN 71-1;
    • Toy pools with maximum depth of water over 400 mm;
    • Toy trampolines.
    • Entrapment of fingers
      Holes, slots and gaps in any rigid material that are within the reach of a child during use of the toy should meet:
      • For children not less than 36 months: not allow a 7 mm diameter rod to be inserted to a depth of 10 mm or more, unless a 12 mm diameter rod can also be inserted;
      • For children under 36 months: not allow a 5 mm diameter rod to be inserted to a depth of 10 mm or more unless a 12 mm diameter rod can also be inserted.
      • Static strength for activity toys other than swing and padding pools
        Calculating the number of users is based on a minimum surface for a child of 0.36 m2.
      • Slides
        Sliding section shall not exceed an angle of inclination of 60° to the horizontal at any point;
        Minimum angle between the sliding section and the run-out section shall not be less than relation values in standard.
      • Swing
      • The typical load fixture (mass in 12kg and with special dimension) simulating normal use needs to be used for below measurements:
        • Minimum clearance between adjacent swing elements, and adjacent structures;
        • Minimum distance between the suspension points of a swing;
        • Minimum clearance between swing elements and the ground
        • The impact testing from swing elements is added in this standard, EC type examination for swing is no longer to be needed. Swing elements shall not impart average peak acceleration greater than 50 g.
        • Geometry and design of swing elements is added, the requirements are as below.
        • The potential impact surfaces should be with smooth surfaces in the direction of movement, having a width of at least 10 mm including a radius of at least 15 mm and edge radii of at least 3 mm and angles between adjacent surfaces of not less than 75.
        • For tubes of swing devices, the diameter shall be at least 25 mm.
        • Paddling pools
        • For paddling pools with non-inflatable walls, there should be no hazardous sharp edges or hazardous sharp points, or any small parts generated when loading a 25 kg load vertically to the least favorable point of the structure for 5 min.
        • For paddling pools with inflatable walls, all air-inflation inlets on paddling pools with inflatable walls shall comply with the requirements for inflatable toys specified in EN 71-1.
        • Warnings, markings, and maintenance instruction for paddling pools:
          • The pool should be shown the mandatory action and prohibition pictograms and with warning text;
          • The packing of paddling pool should born warning to remind children can drown in very small amounts of water and not install on hard surface etc.;
          • The maintenance for changing the water of paddling pools frequently (particularly in hot weather) or when noticeably contaminated is needed.

          Download information of EU New Toy Safety Standard EN71-8:2011 Published (PDF 1.62 MB)

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