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With the confirmation of the first authorization list of SVHC (Annex XIV) and the repeal of 76/769/EEC by REACH on the 1st of June 2009, the impact of this new comprehensive EU chemical regulation is penetrating into different business sectors.

To prepare your business to cope with coming challenges of SVHC and restricted substances by REACH in the future, SGS has developed different SVHC solutions to meet the market needs of manufacturers, brands and retailers.

Immediate solution:
15 SVHC listed in the Candidate List of ECHA website for mandatory compliance of REACH Testing for near-future:
14 chemicals were listed in the website of ECHA as intended to be placed into the Candidate List Short-term Planning: 15 SVHC in Candidate List + Current Intention List in the ECHA website Planning in Advance: SVHC Preparatory List combining the existing Candidate List, Intension list and the prioritized substitution substances suggested by the EU authorities into one desirable package to suit your need Long-term sustainable plan:
Comprehensive list of substances meeting the criteria set to be classified as SVHC according to Article 57 of REACH For more details, download the July 2009 edition of SCOOP on SVHC Preparatory (PDF 69 KB). For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
REACH Taskforce
t: (852) 2334 4481
f: (852) 2144 7001

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