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A number of Swine Flu cases have been reported after the incident of SARS. It is believed that good personal hygiene practices are efficient to reduce the transmission of diseases (e.g. wash hands frequently with soap or disinfectant, clean hard surface (e.g. door handle; lift buttons, etc) using household disinfectant agent).

Disinfectants are intended to kill and inhibit microorganism growth. A high quality disinfectant should be effective against bacteria (bactericidal activity) and fungi (fungicidal activity).

EN 1040 and EN 1275 are used to evaluate the effectiveness of a disinfectant formulation for its basic activity, but it is unable to evaluate the activity of a product under actual use situation.

However, EN 1276 and EN 1650 are intended to determine the activity of the disinfectant under the conditions in which they are used. These standards are applicable to most of disinfectants, except those for medical use and for use on living tissues (exclude hand hygiene products).

In EN 1276 and EN 1650, product effectiveness can be evaluated under simulated clean condition (a surface which have been cleaned with minimal levels of organic and/or inorganic materials) or simulated dirty condition (a surface which are known to contain organic and/or inorganic materials, by the addition of various level of bovine albumin).

Disinfectant is concluded to possess bactericidal activity or fungicidal activity, provided that it is capable of causing significant reduction on growth of specific microorganism under obligatory contact time and temperature. Besides obligatory conditions, additional experimental conditions may be selected.
Comparison between EN 1040 and EN 1276 (for bactericidal activity), and EN 1275 and EN 1650 (for fungicidal / yeasticidal activity) is listed below:

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