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Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a chemicals commonly used in anti-ageing treatment.  This kind of anti-ageing treatment by dermal fillers become more and more popular in EU, and the number of treatment showing a dramatic increasing trend over the past few years.  Recently, the General Medical Council of UK recommended that consumers must visit qualified doctors for Botox in order to ensure consumers are health enough to receive treatment, and to minimize the chance to develop allergic reactions.   

Botox exerts its “anti-aging” effect by paralyzing muscles, so that frown or wrinkle will not be created on face.
Apart from this injection medicine for beauty purpose, there are lots of cosmetics products in the market with different kinds of claim such as anti-wrinkle, hydrating, whitening, water-proof sunscreen. Claim evaluation is required if special functional claim is presented on the product label according to EU and ASEAN cosmetics requirements.  In general, panelist study can be performed for this kind of efficiency study.

Depend on the functional claim, some test parameters can be scientifically determined on skincare products:
Skin humidity Skin roughness/anti-wrinkle Skin elasticity Skin lightening/whitening studies Skin Tolerance Tests (Human Patch Test, Repeated Insult Patch Test (RIPT)) Opthalmologist Tests Inner Ellbow Washing Test Non-comedogenic study SPF value And more… SGS offers a wide range of tests for cosmetic products. Contact us now!
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