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SGS has introduced its new business improvement service called ‘Processfix’ to the Hong Kong market with the first event running for Crown Motors.
In February 2008, Crown Motors Limited, which is partially owned by the Toyota Corporation and the distributor of Toyota across China and Hong Kong, invited SGS to help improving their back-office service processes.

In response SGS engaged a cross-functional team in series of ‘Processfix’ workshops that focused on the Pre-Delivery Operations (PDO) process through which Crowns import, license, tax and register the vehicles before final delivery to the end customer.
“Toyota was able to greatly reduce lead time and costs in its manufacturing operations whilst simultaneously improve quality through its highly regarded Toyota Production System, the forebear of Lean manufacturing” describes Grant Johnson, SGS Associate facilitator. In its relentless pursuit of perfection, Toyota has now become one of the largest companies in the world.
“The challenge for SGS was to create the same levels of engagement and realize similar improvements within their service operations” explains Grant.
Thousands of vehicles pass though Crowns PDO process each year and it has recently suffered a decline in performance that impacted on customer satisfaction. Meanwhile the imminent implementation of a new software suite had the potential to only make the situation worse. “We cannot afford to automate bad processes” said Chris Chan, Crowns IT Manager.
The benefits of Lean are well proven throughout manufacturing, yet its application in the service environment is still relatively immature. “As we will see, service delivery is destined to be the differentiator between good and great performance in tomorrow’s organization” says Grant.
SGS’ Processfix service uses business simulations to allow the team quickly experience how the same improvement techniques from Toyota can be equally applied in back-office service operations for the sake of performance improvement.

“Many of the tools used in Processfix were borne out of Lean and the Toyota Production System” explains Grant. “Having the opportunity to apply the tools in a company so closely linked with their place of origin demonstrates the real impact of the Processfix service having within the service environment”.
The team quickly identified the underlying root causes of poor PDO performance, primarily associated with the sequential process flow being disrupted by ‘urgent orders’ that were routinely fast-tracked through the system.

Once these issues were pinpointed, SGS facilitated the team through the improvement of the PDO process. “Because the improvements were generated by the actual people who worked in the process, everyone had implicit buy-in from the start” continues Grant.
“When Crown Motors indicated that it wanted the SGS ‘Processfix’ service there was a real sense of excited trepidation as we knew they had close ties with Toyota and that so many of the team had undergone Toyota’s training” describes Grant. “The fact that SGS has been asked to provide this service for an organization which is so closely aligned to Toyota is a huge endorsement of the Processfix service!”
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