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In view of societal and demographic changes and the globalization of sourcing activities, new threats and communication issues require a new approach to consumer product protection.

FDA thus works with other government agencies and private sector organizations to help reduce the risk of tampering or other malicious, criminal, or terrorist actions on the food and cosmetic supply. Consumer product safety (especially Food & Cosmetic) is one of FDA’s top priorities. The agency recently released self-assessment tools for cosmetic industry to minimize the risk of intentional contamination of the product.  

Cosmetics Processors and Transporters of Cosmetics Security Preventive Measures Guidance
This guidance is designed as an aid to operators of cosmetics establishments (for example, firms that process, store, repack, re-label, distribute, or transport cosmetics or cosmetics ingredients). It is divided into five sections that relate to individual components of a cosmetics establishment operation: management, human element-staff, human element-the public, facility, and operations.

Operators of cosmetics establishments are encouraged to review their current procedures and controls in light of the potential for tampering or other malicious, criminal, or terrorist actions and make appropriate improvements. FDA recommends that the review includes consideration of the role that unit and distribution packaging might have in a cosmetics security program. By using the tools, which include nearly 100 self- evaluated questions, industry members can get a quick and detailed assessment of the measures they currently have in place to protect against intentional contamination of their products. With this consolidated information, it will be easy for them to see what meaningful improvements to their current practices can be made.
FDA has developed an ALERT program which is intended to raise awareness of industry.
A = Assure source of material
L = Look after security of your facility
E = Know about your employeesR = Reports about the security of your product is available?
T = Actions towards ThreatsSGS Hong Kong actively provides various quality assurance services on cosmetics including ingredient & labeling review, safety testing, performance testing, cosmetics GMP compliance audit etc to cater the import requirements for different countries.

Download FDA Issue New Security Tools for Cosmetic For more information
The Food and Cosmetic Security Preventive Measures Guidance documents and self- assessment tools can be found in the following website: ALERT Model from FDA to raise preparedness against the intentional food contamination: ENQUIRIES
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