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Undisputedly recognized for its forefront technical expertise, SGS has geared up to collaborate with TVB Jade Channel in its signature news program “News Headline” on “Trans Fat in Everyday consumers’ food” aired at 1900 on 3 March 2007.  The footage featured the findings supported by our testing methodology, which illustrated that all examples of food products including a so-called sugar-free type, typifying our everyday eating regimen was referred as Trans-fat containing.

With unequivocal scientific evidence of binge intake of Trans fat hiking the risk of coronary heart disease, there is still a lack of research to date on providing a reference limit value for daily intake of Trans-fat.

Since January 1, 2006, food manufacturers in US and Canada are required to list the content of trans fat on the nutrition label. However, European Union, UK and Hong Kong are still looking into whether to put the same regulation in force.  Consumers should check out the listing of ingredients like “shortening”, “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” or “hydrogenated vegetable oil” on the food nutrition label on the food package, of which they may be the justifiable indicators of Trans fat content.  In practice, ingredients are listed in their descending order of predominance, in other words, relatively smaller amount of that specific ingredient is existent when it is to be put at the end of the list.  SGS is fully capable in providing Trans Fat testing.To view the files please click here.


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