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You are TALENTED,You are INNOVATIVE,and you have confidence your business ideas are going to create a significant impact to the customer!


15 Feb 2017, 09:30


15 Feb 2017, 17:30


Hong Kong, China

Startups Venture

This course provides the people they want to have a good appreciation of the entrepreneurship mindsets, innovation process and entrepreneurs skills of starting up a new business venture. For people today, it is easier to come up with a variety of ideas for new business but more difficult to implement those concepts successfully.

Entrepreneurs all across the countries are planning their ways to business ownership. It's a journey that requires a lot of effort but many people end up failing. A guidance to help you to develop your business would lead a higher chance of successful. In the elevator pitch of this course, you can explore business concepts with integration of competitive intelligence, market segmentation, and the assessment of customer needs.

We will then expand the elevator pitch into more complete business plans by adding details on financial models, organizational setup, and marketing and launch plans together with the learners in this course. In addition to lectures, this course will offer an interactive, hands-on experience, with a number of opportunities to present your work and receive feedback from the class. 


Existing or potential entrepreneurs to prepare of the business startups for new or existing organizations. Or people they want to build entrepreneurship mindsets for their career in the senior executive roles in organizations.


This course is designed to help you learn how to generate and bring your business idea to life with a compelling business model. We will begin by discussing the nature of entrepreneurship and its challenges and rewards. Next, we will form teams to create and present an “elevator pitch,” a description that succinctly crystallizes what your business will do and why it is compelling.

The objectives of this course are:

  1. Understand the trends and thinking of business venture and how to generate the ideas;
  2. Connect with the innovative business ideas to the real business environment setting in Hong Kong and China;
  3. Learn the entrepreneur’s skills they should have and the way to build the business models;
  4. Prepare the tactics to launch the business and connect with the investors strategically.


This course involves two days training. The first day is about the general entrepreneurial mindsets and skills for the people they have interest about business startups. The second day is a workshop about using the right tools to generate ideas and develop their business ideas step by step leading to launch.

Day 1: Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Skills Seminar

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship – turning ideas into reality
  • Design thinking as a strategy for innovation
  • The business structure – MVP / business model canvas
  • Business opportunities analysis and assessment
  • Preparing to launch the essential components
  • Creating and scaling company structure

Day 2: Ideas Generation and Startups Development Workshop

  • Business venture the trends and thinking
  • Business model canvas in application
  • Pitching, testing and prototyping
  • Understanding and managing startups
  • Financing strategies and tactics
  • Risk assessment and management


The methods employed will include the following activities in the two days training:

  1. Firstly, lectures are designed to equip learners with the knowledge of entrepreneurial mindsets and skills.
  2. Secondly, case study will be conducted to provide learners with simulated exercises to analyze and evaluate problems and so to formulate decisions.
  3. Finally, group/individual will be asked either to prepare a business plan or a report in connection with entrepreneurship activities to be presented in the classes.


Dr T. M. Lam - Dr. Lam was an experienced business executive and successful serial entrepreneur with 20 more year practical experiences in business development, marketing, management and new business startups. His extended business exposures and international connections were developed through working in global enterprises in the countries of Canada, US, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Dr Lam spends a lot of time for coaching the youngsters in business startups involving the workshops, forums and leading the team for international business. Currently, he is the business consultant for the industries related to environmental management, O2O and social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, China and Asia pacific.


Medium: Cantonese with English material
Fee: HK$3,600 / HK$3,240* per person
*Discount is offered to enrolment made via online booking


SGS Academy
Phone: (852) 3543 7900