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CPSIA consultancy and third party testing services at SGS have been developed to take away the burden of navigating CPSIA regulations and to arrange effective certification and testing programs.

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It can be difficult for businesses to understand exactly what CPSIA requires of their products. Although most products will only require self-certification in the form of a CPSIA General Conformity Certificate (GCC), the GCC requires confirmation that a product meets all applicable safety rules - an often intimidating task. The GCC is a legally binding document, and penalties for non-compliance are severe. With responsibility for the GCC falling on manufacturers and importers, you may find it difficult to be sure that components or products produced in other geographic regions meet CPSIA standards. It is therefore vital that you get the right help and advice about what exactly is right for your products.

For children’s products, CPSIA third party testing is mandatory, and there are a range of other requirements that aim to protect consumers from the risk of harm. The skills and knowledge of when and how to obtain CPSIA certification for products such as toys are often absent from a business’s workforce, and a trusted partner such as SGS can be an important resource.

CPSIA consultancy

Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of CPSIA legislation and its application, and they have worked with many businesses to determine what is required of them and to achieve compliance. Services include:

  • Guidance on how CPSIA legislation applies to your products and the requirements you need to meet (for example, does your product require mandatory testing?)
  • Help with creating a certification program and producing a GCC 
  • Audits of domestic and offshore factories for compliance with applicable rules
  • Independent CPSIA third party testing of products at a CPS accredited laboratory, where necessary

Third party testing

SGS can take full responsibility for third party testing, whether mandatory for children’s products or to support a GCC for general consumer products.

Our CPSIA accredited laboratories carry out a program of tests to demonstrate the safety and reliability of your product against the criteria set out in CPSIA legislation. We can carry out tests on raw materials, components, or final products, and together with our wider consultation services, we aim to demonstrate that customers can trust your products and to protect you from future penalties and controversial product recalls.

As an accredited provider of services to help clients achieve CPSIA certification, and a world leader in regulatory compliance and product testing, SGS offers the perfect solution to your CPSIA challenges.