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Chinese GB standards textile testing from SGS – providing textile garment testing and quality control to confirm that your products meet the required standards for China.

Softlines and Accessories
To sell textile products in China, such as clothing, home textiles and accessories, items need to adhere to the stringent Chinese national standards for textile products - the Chinese GB standards. These mandatory standards include safety and quality testing, as well as labelling requirements. Any product that fails to meet the requirements cannot be sold in China. We offer you a range of GB testing services for textile products to help you meet Chinese requirements.

Why choose Chinese GB standards textile testing from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Confirm that your products meet the Chinese GB textile requirements
  • Ensure each product meets the quality and performance requirements of the appropriate product specification
  • Select the correct product specification for your product based on material construction, product categories, age grade, etc.

Chinese GB standards textile testing from a world-leading provider

As the world leader in inspection, certification, testing and verification, we offer you unrivaled expertise in Chinese GB standards. In addition to our GB team based in China, our global GB ambassadors around the world can support you in all aspects of GB testing and conformity to Chinese requirements.

Examples of some of the main Chinese GB textile standards include:

  • GB 18401-2010: China's National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products
  • GB 20400-2006: Leather and Fur - Limit of Harmful Matter
  • GB 21550-2008: Restriction of Hazardous Materials in Polyvinyl Chloride Artificial Leather
  • GB 28480-2012: Adornment - Provision for Limit of Baneful Elements
  • GB 5296.4-2012: Instruction for Use of Products of Consumer Interest - Part 4: Textiles and Apparel

We can also help you determine the applicable product standard and quality grade that must be declared on your product label.

The Chinese government continues to select products from shelves at random to test for compliance. Our technical experts can help you to avoid non-compliant products from being shipped to China through our technical support, testing and inspection services.

To discuss your Chinese GB textile testing requirements, contact us today.