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Prevent unsightly and potentially unhealthy mold growing on leather and footwear products with mold prevention services from SGS.

Softlines and Accessories

Failure to deal with mold can cause product discoloration, unpleasant smells and lead to irreversible damage. It may also expose you to additional costs for late deliveries, loss of sales and brand reputation as well as product recalls. Preventing mold spread during manufacturing, storage and packing is crucial.

Mold and spores can harm humans

Mold and its associated spores can be pathogenic, or toxic. While ubiquitous in nature, mold spores, if present in large quantities can pose a risk to human health. Some molds also produce mycotoxins that can cause neurological problems, and even death. Daily exposure to these contaminants in the workplace can be particularly harmful.

Mold prevention solutions

Awareness Training: Learn how to implement a mold prevention policy at manufacturing, storage or packing locations. Devised for QA and production managers, training includes:

  • Understanding the cause of molds and how they occur
  • Preventative measures for mold
  • Investigation and tracing mold sources
  • Preventing product exposure to mold/spores during shipment

With practicality in mind, this training is designed to present scientific and technical data in digestible fashion.

On-site prevention assessment: Reduce the risk of mold contamination and growth with an assessment of the conditions under which products are manufactured, stored and packed. During a site visit, moisture content, humidity and ventilation of the manufacturing site, storage and packing areas will be measured and evaluated. Mold management, general housekeeping and monitoring of packaging materials will also be assessed. Where gaps in preventive measures are identified, we provide recommendations to facilitate continuous improvement.

Mold prevention related testing services:  To provide greater assurance along the supply chain, we offer a range of turn-key and personalized testing services to allow brands, retailers and manufacturers to gain greater understanding of mold related issues on products and raw materials. Services include testing the mold growth resistance of different materials and safety compliance of mold prevention chemical agents. This can be done at different production points to minimize the possible financial loss to the clients and manufacturers.

Why choose mold prevention services from SGS?

Employ our expertise to help protect your products, workforce and consumers from the potentially damaging impact of mold, its spores and health risks. With a global network of consumer goods experts and testing facilities we are the ideal partner to support your leather and footwear business.

Contact your local SGS office for more information.