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Chinese GB standards footwear testing from SGS – confirm that your products meet the required standards for the Chinese market with our comprehensive footwear product testing.

Softlines and Accessories

Before footwear products can be sold in China, they need to meet the requirements of a variety of Chinese national standards – known as the GB standards. These cover different styles of footwear, varying performance levels and final consumer types. As such, consideration must be given to how the footwear has been manufactured, what materials and components have been used, whether the product is for men, women, children or infants, and the performance level that will be claimed. We offer a range of footwear product testing services to help ensure that your footwear products comply with the appropriate Chinese GB standards.

Why choose Chinese GB standards footwear testing from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Meet the GB standards for selling footwear in China
  • Understand the requirements for product performance, product labelling and restricted substance compliance
  • Determine your commitments to mandatory and voluntary product standards

Analysis of product recalls due to GB non-compliance shows that some of the major failures occur due to incorrect labelling, poor flexing endurance of shoes, outsole peel strength, shank length, shank hardness and abrasion resistance of the outsole. 

We can offer advice on the requirements for different types of footwear and guide you through the testing and certification requirements of the Chinese GB standards. We also provide regular updates so that you can keep up to date with the ever-expanding requirements for footwear destined for the Chinese market.

Expert Chinese GB standards footwear testing from a trusted provider

As the world leader in inspection, certification, testing and verification, we offer you unrivaled expertise in Chinese GB standards. With our network of laboratories, you also can be certain that product testing can be performed accurately and quickly to the relevant requirements.

Examples of some of the main footwear standards include:

  • QB/T 2673-2013: Footwear – Specification of Marking
  • GB/T 3293.1-1998: Shoe Sizes
  • GB 20400-2006: Leather and fur – Limit of harmful matter
  • GB 21550-2008: Restriction of hazardous materials in polyvinyl chloride artificial leather
  • GB 25038-2010: Rubber shoes – Healthy and safe specification
  • GB 25036-2010: Children’s canvas rubber footwear (shoes)
  • GB/T 28011-2011: Shanks for footwear
  • GB 30585-2014: Safety technical specifications for children’s footwear
  • GB 21536-2008: Athletic Shoes
  • GB 19340-2014: Adhesive for Footwear, Cases and Bags

In addition, there are a number of safety footwear standards including:

  • GB 12011-2009: Foot protection – Electrically insulating footwear
  • GB 20265-2006: Moulded plastic industrial boots with chemical resistance
  • GB 20266-2006: Rubber industrial boots with chemical resistance
  • GB 21146-2007: Personal protective equipment – Occupational footwear
  • GB 21147-2007: Personal protective equipment – Protective footwear
  • GB 21148-2007: Personal protective equipment – Safety footwear (GB 21148-2007)
  • Industrial rubber boots 

To discuss your Chinese GB standards footwear testing requirements, contact us today.