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Hazardous Substance Management System (HSMS) audits from SGS – improving client confidence and mitigating trade barriers by ensuring factories comply with associated laws and regulations.

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Long term contact with hazardous chemical products can have an adverse effect on human health. Similarly, the use and disposal of chemical waste from manufacturing industries has had a devastating effect on ecosystems and the environment. In response to these issues a broad range of regulations and directives have been established to protect both consumers and the environment. The variety of chemicals used in manufacturing makes compliance challenging, but help is at hand.

At SGS, we have integrated widely adopted requirements, including 2002/95/EC (RoHS)* and 1097/2002/EC (REACH)**, in our own Hazardous Substance Management System (HSMS)  audit. Streamlining the audit process, saving time and money, HSMS measures the effectiveness and compliance of your chemical management system in accordance with relevant regulations/directives.

The audit verifies the effectiveness of a control system, identifies any potential for contamination during production and helps to minimize the risk of breaking the law. In addition it demonstrates a company’s commitment to the environment thereby increasing competitive advantage and potentially market share.

What does an HSMS audit cover?

  • HSMS system
  • Client requirements and research and development
  • Incoming materials control and supplier management
  • IQC and warehouse control
  • Process control and final product control
  • Non-conforming control and corrective actions
  • Test facility

Each item on the checklist is scored as part of the process and weighted according to its impact on the overall management system. An overall score is then calculated. After the assessment, we will be able to tell you whether:

  • Manufacturing processes are clearly defined, controlled, and validated to ensure the control of the restricted hazardous substances and the potential for contamination is minimized
  • The requirements are fully understood by the factory management and responsibility delegated to designated parties
  • The requirements are unambiguously communicated with all parties including suppliers, manufacturing operators and customers
  • Existing internal evaluation is adequate
  • Corrective actions are implemented and effective
  • Testing equipment and procedures are reliable

Conducted by experienced auditors our audit will evaluate the system and score its compliance as:

  • Satisfactory
  • Acceptable but improvement needed, or
  • Unsatisfactory

We will any recommend corrective and preventative action to remedy any shortfall between reality and the relevant laws and regulations.

To find out how HSMS Audit services from SGS can support your organization contact your local office today.

*  RoHS – Restriction of the use of 6 hazardous substances in electronic substance by European Union
** REACH – Requirement to EU manufactures and importers to collect the property information of the chemical substance and register to the database.