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Good manufacturing practice (GMP) for consumer products audit services from SGS – enabling organizations to ensure that production practices are consistently controlled to meet related quality and safety standards.

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At SGS we provide GMP audits in non-food industries (non-drugs, food, and cosmetics) to improve corporate image and ensure product legality, safety and quality. To help you deliver safe, sustainable and good quality products we have extended the remit of our GMP audit and its process controls to incorporate the widest range of consumer products. The basic concept of using process control to safeguard the health of the customer and produce good quality products applies equally to consumer products. Our system outlines those aspects in production and testing which may impact the quality of a product.

After assessment by our experienced auditors you will receive a detailed report about the factory’s performance detailing whether:

  • Manufacturing processes are clearly defined, controlled, and validated to ensure consistency and compliance with specifications
  • Changes to manufacturing processes are evaluated
  • Working procedures and instructions are written in a clear and unambiguous manner, in the local language
  • Operators are trained to carry out document procedures
  • Records are made and maintained to demonstrate that the quantity and quality is as expected
  • Record keeping enables batch traceability
  • A product recall system is readily available
  • Complaints are examined, the causes of quality defects are investigated and appropriate measures are taken to prevent recurrence

During an audit our auditor will assess whether company policies and procedures are being followed, assess the site’s GMP practices and verify that the required systems and controls are in place and comply with GMP requirements.

Each factory is assessed against each item in the checklist and appraised as achieving:

  • Compliance
  • Minor Non-compliance
  • Major Non-compliance, and
  • Critical Non-compliance.

An overall percentage score and grade (from A to Fail) is awarded enabling you to review performance levels at a glance but reinforced by the more detailed checklist scores. Buyers can use this scoring system for benchmarking when comparing the performance of their suppliers.

To find out how our GMP (consumer products) audit services can support your organization contact your local SGS office today.