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SSBS is a joint effort between the Centre for Business Sustainability, CUHK Business School (CBS), the scheme owner, and SGS, the technical partner.

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The scheme leverages the expertise of CBS's recognized business sustainability research methodology and framework, and SGS's independent assessment expertise. As a result, SSBS provides a streamlined and efficient tool to gauge companies’ business sustainability performance.

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Common Situations Faced by Sustainable Organizations

More organizations are actively pursuing economic growth in a more socially responsible way. While companies and their managers are committing substantial efforts to enhance business, environmental and social performance, new challenges raise questions such as:

  • What can we do to improve?
  • How does our sustainability performance compare with the other organizations?
  • How can we achieve other breakthroughs?

How can SSBS help?

SSBS applies a comprehensive assessment approach ¬– the Value-Process-Impact (VPI) model – to help you to benchmark your sustainability performance against other organizations. The VPI model is a framework developed by CBS Professor Carlos Lo. The model’s performance assessment consists of both local and international elements.

VPI Framework

The VPI model measures your sustainability performance at strategic and operational levels. It covers key stakeholders so that you can analyze the influential extent of your sustainability actions on:

  • Government
  • Environmental organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Investors/shareholders
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Employees

In addition, the VPI model enables you to understand the level you have achieved, providing an objective analysis of current performance for accurate planning.

The levels are classified as follows:

VPI Model Level

Why join SSBS?

After the completion of benchmarking, you will receive an SSBS certificate, a scheme logo and a rating symbol, which you can use for promotion and to enhance your corporate image.

Joining SSBS also contributes toward helping you:

  • Achieve continuous improvement on sustainability
  • Gain an objective evaluation of your performance compared to other companies
  • Strengthen corporate social responsibility (CSR) risk management
  • Obtain insights on incorporating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your sustainability plan

Sustainability Performance Against VPI Model

* The constituents of HKBSI are the listed companies of the constituents of Hong Kong Hang Seng Index (HKHSI). Changes in the constituent stocks of HKHSI will lead to the same changes in HKBSI.

#The industry is classified in accordance with HKHSI.

What do we deliver through SSBS?

  • Step 1: SGS is responsible for the questionnaire completion or sampling verification of the completed questionnaire (completed within 14 business days upon receiving the application)
  • Step 2: CBS is responsible for assessment and benchmark report delivery (completed within 14 business days after the completion of the initial assessment)
  • Step 3: CBS delivers the certificate, scheme logo and rating symbol (completed within 14 business days after the completion of the final assessment and report)


  • Step 1: contact us
  • Step 2: receive the information and apply
  • Step 3: send us the latest sustainability report
  • Step 4: sign and return the quotation

Key Stakeholders of the Scheme

Centre for Business Sustainability, CUHK Business School

CBS’s mission is to promote business sustainability as a viable and profitable business model by conducting innovative research on CSR and sustainability management practices in the region. As a research institute, CBS aims to transfer the acquired knowledge of CSR to both academic and business communities.

SGS Hong Kong Limited

SGS is one of the world leaders in assessment, certification, testing and inspection industries. In Hong Kong, we have provided decades of certification and enterprise optimization solutions for business partners in different industries. In terms of sustainability, we offer a one-stop solution for sustainable development, including ESG report writing. In addition, our professional independent experts have extensive experience in verification and evaluation. Our goal is to help the industry achieve sustainability and improve ESG performance.

Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index (HKBSI)

Since its launch in 2015, HKBSI motivates companies to adopt CSR as a progressive business model to achieve business sustainability while making positive impacts on the society. As an innovative system that shows the composite score of the sustainability performance of Hang Seng Index constituent companies, it provides a benchmark for both international and domestic reference. It allows companies to evaluate their CSR performance and the level of business sustainability with reference to other companies. HKBSI is compiled and announced annually to provide timely and regular feedback to individual companies in order to support their continuous improvement.

To find out more about SSBS Services, Contact us today.