Mobile Network Scanning

Telecommunication towers

SGS helps ensure that mobile networks meet requirements.

Today, many devices include wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) features. In the near future, traditional water, gas and electricity meters will be changed to NB-IOT meters. This allows real-time data to be transmitted to the Cloud via a mobile network.

As a result, mobile network coverage is a significant issue for IoT users. Users want carrier providers to extend their mobile network capability, quality and coverage in different locations for voice, video, data and other services.

We help you with optimization, troubleshooting and mobile coverage measurements to ensure that the network meets requirements.

Mobile Network Scanning

We offer mobile network scanning to:

  • Identify different multi-band and multi-technology in public areas – such as 5G FR1 FR2, LTE, WCDMA, GSM, TETRA, NB-IOT, LTE-M1, WI-FI, etc.
  • Verify the coverage of the carrier providers in different locations
  • Identify which mobile network is stable and capable in the tested area
  • Identify internal and external interference problems and detect problems with low performance (low throughput).
  • Assist users in identifying the best mobile network before IoT device installation
  • Provide on-site supplier evaluations

Who can we help?

We offer site inspection, solutions, consultation and evaluation to help:

  • Public utilities providers: confirm adequate mobile network coverage before NB-IoT meter installation
  • Hospitals: ensure that mobile signals do not affect medical equipment
  • Shopping malls: ensure that your WI-FI signal can cover all locations in your mall
  • Reporters/magazine: gain benchmarking data

How can we help?

We provide data analysis and measurement to help determine which service providers offer the best coverage for your requirements. We help you understand:

  • The number of carrier provider services available in your area
  • The number of base stations covering your location
  • The power level of the received signal
  • The signal quality
  • The presence of background noise
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