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California Proposition 65 Product Evaluation Service California Proposition 65 (CA Prop 65) is designed to inform the public about exposure to toxic substances’ presence in consumer products and their environment. If a product sold in California contains a chemical that is listed in CA Prop 65, a warning label is required if consumer’s exposure level to that chemical is above the Safe Harbour Level. 23 Mar 2018 Business News
Be a PCQI if you trade food with the US SGS Academy is the first certification body to offer PCQI training course in Hong Kong. A FSPCA PCQI certificate will be issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO). 23 Mar 2018 Business News
EU To Strengthen Enforcement for Bisphenol A (BPA) in Food Contact Materials In recent years, Bisphenol A (BPA) had gained a lot of attention and its restriction had been raised by various countries' legislation. 21 Mar 2018 Business News
Free Download: ISO 45001:2018 Readiness Checklist Prepare for ISO 45001 and enhance tour transition with this readiness checklist. 20 Mar 2018 Features
Testing for Plastic Particles in Bottled Drinking Water Following recent research around synthetic polymer contamination in bottled water, SGS mobilizes its international network of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to support the consumer water industry. 15 Mar 2018 Business News
International Type Services for Food Contact Materials We are pleased to offer our Food Contact Materials International Type Approval service (FCM-ITA) for enterprises seeking worldwide acceptance on their food contact materials. 13 Mar 2018 Business News
ISO 45001 Update: ISO 45001 Standard Published - Download SGS ISO 45001 Training Course Outlines The long-awaited Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 45001, has now been published. Find out more. 12 Mar 2018 Business News
International Type Services for RoHS With continuous growth of worldwide trading business and more RoHS-like regulations coming effective in different countries, SGS is pleased to offer our RoHS International Type Approval (ITA) Service, covering all major markets. 09 Mar 2018 Business News
SGS Supply chain Assessments and Solution - Local Legislation Updated on Social Responsibility Collecting and compliance with the legislation timely are keys to the supply chain assessment. Thereby, the relative updates will be displayed as below. Minimum wage is always one of the prevailing topics. Since January of 2018, minimum wages standard has been raised in 4 provinces and cities. In addition, there are updates on Gansu issued the Measure for Evaluating Compliance and Integrity of Employers’ Labor Protection, Guangdong issued "the Guidelines on the Promotion of Women's Equal Employment", and the Special Regulation on Labour Protection of Female Employees is implemented in Shaanxi Province etc. 08 Mar 2018 Business News
APPLICATION OF DEIFFERENT VERSION OF <CODE OF DESIGN ON BUILDING FIRE PROTECTION AND PREVENTION>(GB50016) As we well aware of, new version of (GB50016-2014)came into force on 1st, May, 2015 . However, the previous version 2006 still could be applied during the audit practice.In the social compliance audits,SGS helps you learn about how to apply different version of code ,in order to ensure the buildings meet the requirement according to that when the buildings are designed. 08 Mar 2018 Business News